What are Handouts?

Handouts are updated annually to reflect tax law changes.

We have a variety of handouts that serve as a quick reference for various tax topics that may impact you or your business. These handouts are available as a free resource for all of our clients, so please take a look through this list to see if any apply to you.

2023 Client Handouts

Alternative Minimum Tax
Cancellation of Debt – Insolvency
Capital Gains and Losses
Charitable Contributions Guide
Charitable Contributions Noncash FMV Guide
Charitable Contributions Recordkeeping Requirements
Clergy – Religious Workers
Consumer Credit
Dependent Support Worksheet
Divorce and Taxes
Education Tax Benefits
Estimated Taxes
Extending Your Individual Income Tax Return
Families With Children*
Filing Status
Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts
Gambling Log
Health Care Reform – Cost Sharing Reduction and the Premium Tax Credit
Health Care Reform – Health Insurance Marketplace
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
High-Income Taxpayers
Hobby vs. Business
Household Employees
Identity Theft and Your Taxes
NEW! Inflation Reduction Act Individual Credits
Itemized Deductions – Casualty and Theft Losses
Itemized Deductions – Homeowners
Itemized Deductions – Interest Paid
Itemized Deductions – Medical Expenses
Itemized Deductions – Taxes Paid
Kiddie Tax
Like-Kind Exchanges
Moving Expenses
Multi-State Taxation
Referrals Appreciated
Sale of a Principal Residence
Standard vs. Itemized Deduction
Stock Options – Same Day Sales
Tax Facts and Figures
Tax Scams – Protect Yourself
Taxable Social Security Benefits
Taxpayers Who Receive an IRS Notice
Tipped Employees
NEW! Understanding how the IRS Contacts Taxpayers
Virtual Currency
What To Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes
Withholding – Filling Out Form W-4

Early Retirement Distributions – SEPP
Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, and Transfer of Assets
Moving Out Worksheet
Newlyweds Tax Tips
Pension Income Planning
Saving for College

Individual Retirement Accounts – Roth IRA Conversions
Individual Retirement Accounts – Beneficiaries of IRAs and Qualified Plans
Individual Retirement Accounts – Kinds of IRAs and Prohibited Transactions
Individual Retirement Accounts – Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)
Individual Retirement Accounts – Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
Individual Retirement Accounts – Roth IRAs
Individual Retirement Accounts – Traditional IRAs
Retirement Income
Reverse Mortgages
Saving for Retirement
Social Security and Medicare

Business Entity Comparison Chart
Business Entity Pros and Cons
Business Expenses Worksheet
Business Management Tips
Business Owners – Taking Money Out of a Business
Business Use of Home
Buy-Sell Agreements
Corporation Meeting Requirements
Daycare Providers Income and Expenses
Employee or Independent Contractor*
NEW! Employing Family Members
Excess Business Loss and Net Operating Loss (NOL)
Expense Reimbursements for Employees
Farm Expenses Worksheet
Farm Income Worksheet
Farm Inventory and Accounting Methods
Farm Vehicles and Fuels
Form 1099-MISC and Form 1099-NEC Reporting
Fringe Benefits
Health Care Reform – Employer Insurance Requirement
Inventory Cost of Goods Sold
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
Mileage and Expense Log
Qualified Business Income Deduction
Real Estate Professionals
Recordkeeping for Tax Purposes
Rental Income and Expense Worksheet
Rental Income and Expenses
Rental Real Estate QBI Safe Harbor
Repairs vs. Improvements
Rideshare Drivers
S Corporations
Self-Employment Tax
Short-Term Rentals
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
Starting a Business
Vehicles – Business Use

Death of a Taxpayer
Estate Tax (Form 706)
Gift Tax
Personal Representatives – Estates